Open call for indigenous architectural residency in Zimbabwe



This is an initiative by Dzimbanhete Arts and Culture Interactions Trust, an art and culture hub located on Plot 1, Stonehurst farm in Harare, Zimbabwe.

About the Project:

All Afrika Village (AAV) is one of DACI’s projects, the first of its kind, a unique project aimed at presenting 54 African countries’ various indigenous architectural structures in one culturally rich place. Emphasis is on indigenous construction methods, architecture, design and the respective traditions as they have been passed on from generation to generation. Each model, with properties that are based on local narrations, needs and purpose; intricately entwined with the local culture, beliefs and traditions of each respective community.

During the residency, expert builders from the selected communities of the respective countries will be leading participants in architectural discourse, construction and narrations on accessories and overriding aspects of their village structures. It is a unique opportunity to explore, challenge and resuscitate the influences of indigenous architecture on contemporary and modern designs.

Residency slots:

Slots will be per specific country. Each slot will be three weeks long.

A nominal fee will be charged to cover residency costs.

Purpose:   WHY?

  • To bring together local, international, diaspora, professionals from the built, design, interior design, architecture, anthropology, art and culture and related fields to share, discover and learn more about the African indigenous construction models as a source of inspiration.  
  • To revive and share the skilled craftsmanship and knowledge found within African indigenous architecture.
  • To investigate the relevance of indigenous architecturalstyles in today’s society and identify opportunities for new design processes that are changeable and inventive.

This is a unique opportunity to immense one’s self in an experientially explorative environment of African indigenous architecture, related knowledge systems, construction methods and the cultural nuances that inform these “form and pattern languages”. Further the human value of indigenous architecture goes way beyond what is normal perceived of it, while the design and construction methodology may render it “outsider” to the architectural establishment and academia, this architecture is fundamentally fractal, thus highly mathematical. A lot can be learnt from it.

Who can apply?

Architects, students, architecture enthusiasts, engineers, designers, urban planners, interior designers, cultural experts and enthusiasts, artists and other professions in the built, design, arts and culture and related environment are invited to take part in this remarkable project.

How to apply:

Send application together with

– Motivational statement stating your interests in the project

– Short bio

– Preferred country slot (this will depend on the availability of the slot) to the Creative Director Chikonzero Chazunguza on

Deadline for applications: August 30, 2019

 For further general inquiries with regards to the project do not hesitate to contact us., +263 783 499 954, +263 717 762788.

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