Kumusha Children’s Day Camp

We are always excited to invite you to the All Afrika Village and this time our excitement has us clapping and smiling as we look forward to having the young explorers and adventures running around in the Village all giggles and laughs as they enjoy the stories and songs in this one day cultural camp.

Bring the little ones and let them experience the essence of Kumusha. Treat them to this spectacular experience of fun learning that will also feed into their school curriculum.

Our children’s day-camp program is meant to expose kids to village life through engagement in a real life Mahumbwe format.

Mahumbwe is a learning process of playing and acting while recreating real life experiences; as such children get to know what happens in a village from food processing, the chores and the responsibilities of family members.

At Dzimbanhete Arts and Culture Interactions we assimilate the village life by engaging characters that are real, in a village set up and environment that is uniquely designed for experiential learning.

Upon arrival, children are taken for a walk to the village, where they are received by Ambuya and Sekuru. A snack kicks off the village activities, with village introductions and chores, which will take them until lunchtime. A traditional lunch is served and after lunch, children are introduced to games, music and story telling.

Usher the children into a world of cultural appreciation and broaden their understanding of different cultures.

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